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Draining Your Energy: The Rise of Energy Vampires and How to Protect Yourself

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Energy vampires, also known as psychic vampires or emotional vampires, are individuals who drain the positive energy of people around them. Energy vampires are not supernatural creatures, but they are real people who can be found in our everyday lives.

The influence of energy vampires can be negative, causing low energy levels, depression, stress, and anxiety. However, recognizing the signs of an energy vampire can help protect us from their negative effects. The idea of this blog is to allow you to explore the concept of energy vampires and how to identify the signs if you have any around you and equally if you have traits of one.

What is an Energy Vampire?

An energy vampire is a person who feeds off other people's energy. They are often negative, critical, and needy, constantly seeking attention and validation from others.

They tend to be self-centered, lacking empathy, and unaware of their influence on others. Energy vampires are not necessarily malicious; they are often unaware of their behavior and its impact on others.

Types of Energy Vampires

There are different types of energy vampires, including:

The Drama Queen/King

The drama queen or king is always creating drama and chaos, seeking attention, and validation. They often exaggerate or fabricate stories to gain sympathy and attention from others.

The Victim

The victim is always complaining about their circumstances, seeking emotional validation and support from others. They feel powerless and dependent on others to solve their problems.

The Controller

The controller is domineering, demanding, and controlling. They want things done their way, and they often make others feel guilty or inadequate.

The Gossip

The gossip is constantly spreading rumors, sharing confidential information, and attacking other people's reputations. They enjoy causing drama and creating conflict.

The Narcissist

The narcissist is obsessed with themselves, their appearance, and accomplishments. They seek admiration and validation from others and often belittle others to feel superior and boost their ego.

How to Know if You Have Any Energy Vampires Around You

Recognizing the signs of an energy vampire early can save you from being drained of your energy. Here are some common signs that you have an energy vampire around you:

1. You feel exhausted, depleted, and drained after spending time with them.

2. You feel stressed, anxious, or depressed in their presence.

3. They often interrupt, dominate, or belittle you in conversations.

4. They frequently complain, criticize, or blame you for their problems.

5. They rarely ask about your feelings or interests and focus the conversation on themselves.

6. They constantly seek attention, validation, and support from you.

Plot twist...

If you've just discovered that you are an energy vampire, it is crucial to gain understanding and develop self-awareness to manage this tendency. Here is some advice to help you:


Acknowledge your energy vampire tendencies and become aware of situations where you may drain others' emotional energy. This recognition is the first step toward personal growth and change.

Seek professional help:

Consider consulting a therapist, counselor, or life coach to discuss your energy vampire tendencies and work on developing strategies to cope with them.

Develop emotional intelligence

Learning to recognize, understand, and manage your emotions is key. By developing emotional intelligence, you can become more empathetic toward others and avoid imposing your negative emotions on them.

Set boundaries:

Establish clear limits with people around you and learn to respect their boundaries as well. Be mindful of the amount of time and energy you consume in social situations.

Engage in self-care and self-compassion:

Nourish your well-being with physical, mental, and emotional self-care routines. Be kind to yourself and understand that self-improvement is a journey.

Improve communication:

Develop active listening skills and practice validation when interacting with others. This will not only make your conversations more enjoyable but also minimize the likelihood of draining others' energy.

Focus on reciprocity:

Strive for balanced relationships where both parties give and receive support, encouragement, and attention.

Practice mindfulness and meditation:

These practices can help regulate emotions, improve self-awareness, and reduce mental fatigue.

& finally... continue learning and growing:

Stay committed to personal growth and self-improvement. Be open to feedback and change as you work on managing your energy vampire tendencies. Remember, change is hard but possible with persistence and determination.

Book a consultation with me to work through or establish your holistic healing journey.

💓 Love and abundance 💫

Cheraine x

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