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My four pillars to a balanced & harmonious life

How to maintain balance by create harmony and peace , 4 top tips on how to improve your life by setting some basic foundations.

At Holistical Healing, our mantra is to ‘provide you with the tools to explore and embrace your spiritual self’, we believe it starts with balance.

Surrender rule 1 affirm: I am balanced and looking for harmony

Here are our top tips

Tip #1 - Family

Strong family is a pillar of support

that you can rely on when things get hard (which they inevitably will, at some point).

Regardless of how close you are to your family it’s never too late to work on these relationships to allow yourself to have support on times of need and celebration.

This isn’t just lovey dovey shit….

Removing toxic family members from your energy field is also vital for your support system, if you have family around you who don’t contribute towards a positive life then unfortunately this is something that you can no longer turn a blind eye to.


Tip #2 - Friendship

Having at least a few good friends

you can talk to about anything is key for a well rounded life and a foundation for good mental health.

Friendship groups are not for everyone and just like with family members it’s important to understand the dynamics of your friendships, do you use people? Do you feel used? Are you holding onto a friend due to loyalty but feel burdened? Or do you not have any friendships at all?

Get yourself a good counsellor, therapist or life coach and begin to change the dynamics of your relationships.


Tip #3 - Career

Having professional goals to work towards can be a great source of purpose. Whether that is for your own business or working within an organisation.

Working towards goals can help provide a more clear path for your career. As a trained life purpose coach a common method we use for setting attainable goals is SMART , this acronym stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.

Setting goals using SMART can help you make GOALS you can achieve easily creating clarity, this will help you use your time and resources productively.


Tip #4 - Hobbies

Hobbies are a great way to let off some steam and help you rebalance yourself especially during stressful periods.

Hobbies help you create a life outside of your other responsibilities, having hobbies gives you something to do that you enjoy without any of the pressures of your day to day life


I know it sounds a lot, but confronting the causes of an unbalanced life will be your ultimate guide of how to live a life of harmony

I can help you with this during 1-1 sessions or course, this will show you that that these things were never a threat in the first place.

Face your fears and book a consultation with me to discuss your needs and between meditation mentoring and life coaching we will find a service that is suitable for you.

*quick disclaimer Cheraine is a Coach & Meditation Practitioner, not a psychotherapist or physician, Cheraine is not trained in diagnosing psychological or medical conditions.
If you have any issues you should seek expert advice by a licensed therapist or physician, I insist that you must attend to your health by contacting the appropriate professional.

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